places i tried to work after college

found my old job-hunting notebook from 1995, with various printouts of job ads and little notes on when i sent resumes (via email and paper followups).

and of course, knowledge adventure, where i actually ended up. i only went on a few interviews (ka, pacific internet, and apparently reuters).

the next time i was looking for a job (1998?), i only interviewed with idealab-related companies (and ended up at one,, along with some former coworkers from ka).

in finding my current job (2002!), i only interviewed with mysql ab. i hadn’t really started looking seriously for a job yet., although i had responded to a few job ads.

what surprises me is that for someone who has virtually no social network, i’ve landed all three of my jobs post-college through that network.

and to continue my trend of interviewing with fewer and fewer companies each time, i’ll have to start my own business next time i’m out of work. (not that i plan on having that happen anytime soon.)

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