living criteria

  • one bedroom plus space for work area (another room, an alcove of some sort, whatever)
  • reliable high-speed internet service available (dsl preferred)
  • close to grocery store/shopping
  • close to metro red or gold line
  • on-site laundry
  • kitchen with ample counter space, gas range
  • close to library
  • close to “good” grocery store (something non-big-chain)
  • close to gym
  • directv-ready
  • morning light
  • hardwood floors
  • private view
  • good t-mobile gsm signal

i may keep adding things to the list, but these are the things that came to mind first. it is roughly prioritized.


Sounds like a good start. I should probably do this one of these days. The urge to move is growing...

» Jeremy Zawodny (link) » september 28, 2003 8:27pm

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