right now, i’m leaning about 80% in favor of giving notice and forcing a serious search for new living arrangements.

as you might have guessed from the pictures, i spent time yesterday cruising around on the red and gold lines checking out some of the neighborhoods around various stations.

the places i think i’ll end up looking: downtown los angeles, los feliz, hollywood, north hollywood, and near the beach in san diego. that is roughly in order, although san diego is more of a wildcard than anything else. even though i’m totally unconstrained on where to live, thanks to my work-from-home job, there aren’t really any places outside of southern california that interest me enough to make up for the fact i would not have time to look into them seriously over the next month.

buying a house is not something i’m considering. although i’m not thrilled about paying rent, i’m also not necessarily planning on living in my next place long enough for buying a house to be anything other than a losing proposition given my expectations for the housing market. there’s also the little factor of my not really making or having enough to buy a house i’d want to live in.