new design

thanks to the groovy albert reinhardt of happygofun, finally is sporting a snappy new design.

one thing that is now buried (and basically non-existent) is a way to see the raw stream of blogs being updated. with the addition of the info, there's just too damn many blogs to be useful. my numbers only go a few days back, but there's around 5000 new blogs per day being added.

the upside of not putting the stream of all updates front-and-center is that the front page is now relatively tiny. it will be interesting to see the impact on the site's bandwidth usage. (also interesting to see will be the effect of the redesign on the google adsense revenues.)

the blame for the less-than-optimal rendering on internet explorer falls squarely on my shoulders. or rather, the decision to only apply limited hacks to work around the abhorrently buggy internet explorer can be blamed on me. the fact that internet explorer can't render straightforward html and css is somebody else's fault.

the fight to get the aim bot to not get shut out continues. the trick i borrowed from jaimbot of having the bot send messages to itself proved unfruitful. eventually aim would only deliver those messages, and not any others.

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