the joys of smtp

the amount of garbage being flung at seems rather impressive to me, and i can only imagine what a mess high-profile providers are facing these days. there's such a storm of what i've dubbed “strange quit” that i wonder if it isn't a ddos directed at the server. (i explained the behavior on the qpsmtpd mailing list. the server is now rejecting hundreds of connections per minute from hosts that have previously displayed this behavior, and picking up a new host or two per minute.)

and then there's the hundred connections per minute or so from hosts found on blacklists or that are trying to send bounce messages to addresses that do not accept them because they never send mail.

luckily, the server is holding up fine. i've only been putting in a little effort to tighten things up and get better logging.

(i've also lowered the spamassassin threshold at which my personal server simply rejects incoming mail.)


Hmm. Posts on the mysql list have been a bit sluggish... Now I know why. :-)

» Jeremy Zawodny (link) » september 2, 2003 9:07pm

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