annoying things about the los angeles public library online catalog

there are a few things that annoy me about the los angeles public library online catalog:

  • it makes pointless use of sessions that time out after a very short period.
  • it takes you through horrible little splash screens to implement those sessions.
  • books are not indexed by isbn.
  • the login is based on your many-digit library card number.
  • it makes you log in frequently, despite the above-mentioned annoying sessions.
  • it does not remember the library which you always/most-frequently have books sent to when you place them on hold.
  • there's no way of saving a list of books to check out later without actually putting them on hold.

but most of all, it is annoying because i think i could do a better job and would have a tremendous amount of fun doing so. that is very frustrating. taxpayer-funded institutions should be required to provide their data in a way that is as raw as possible, and expose their interfaces, so that entrepreneurs can build better ways of accessing that data. all of the lapl data is locked within a piece of software for which they are almost certainly paying too much.