fun with tivo

so i wrote some code to spit out tivo data in xmltv format, so you can now see (assuming you can read xml) what is playing now on my tivo and what is currently saved. the info updates every five minutes and hourly, respectively.

there's more interesting info that could be added to the “now playing” data (like whether what is playing is live or not) and the saved shows (such as whether why the tivo recorded them).

and, of course, some sort of html transformation of the data would make it easier for puny humans to laugh at me. maybe next weekend.


I can laugh at you now and I', feeling pretty puny. That American Chopper you've got saved is the pilot episode and shouldn't be judgeed as representing the rest of the series. Once the producers figured out they don't need an announcer and instead should show more of the father vs. son arguments, the show really gets going.

» fritzkafka » august 3, 2003 11:25pm

You're about to find out first hand what it's like to live in Oz, Mr. Winstead (if that *is* your real name), and there's no yellow brick road where you're going.

» john ashcroft » august 4, 2003 8:59am

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