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the victorian internet by tom standage is a historical look at the growth (and eventual demise) of the telegraph, especially its many parallels to the modern-day internet. a very quick read, and lots of fun. but a reminder of how boring this whole internet thing is doomed to get.

hmm, one of my snapshots was lost in transit, and my text-only update didn't make it through intact (my fault on that part).

the snapshot (which wasn't very good) was of a protest near the television academy in north hollywood. apparently there's some sort of bob hope memorial event, and the “god hates fags” nutters are protesting. i guess good ol' bob wasn't a hater. there's a counter-protest, obviously rather ad-hoc, with a “fuck these bigots” banner. some of the other signs: “god hates america” “hope in hell” “god's rod” (which had a picture that i couldn't make out.) “thank god for sept. 11”

i felt sorry for the little girl carrying around some of the signs. there was also someone videotaping the scene when i first showed up.

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