the netflix madness continues

as threatened, the full list of discs i've rented from netflix are now online. unfortunately, the list by email didn't include links to the movies on the netflix site, so only the most recent ones have working links. i should go back and make links from the movies to my reviews of them.

i've gone through about 211 films in the roughly 37 months i have been a netflix subscriber, or 5.7 per month. that works out to a little under $4/disc.

i finally popped the hard drive out of my tivo again to enable telnet access. i haven't decided what fun stuff to publish from that. i'm not sure if i want the number of episodes of trading spaces and various cooking shows i have saved on my tivo to be public knowledge.


As my girl would ask, where's Ty?

» Todd Colton » august 3, 2003 12:19am

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