fun with netflix

netflix doesn't have any proper web services, but that's nothing a little perl magic can't fix. there's a "now viewing" section in the sidebar on my site's front page now, and you can see the gory details of my netflix queue, updated daily.

i'll add the history once i get it from netflix. (they only display the most recent three months, and send the full history via email.)

it could be interesting to generate an rss feed of netflix's recommendations.

oh, and this answers the question: “how the heck do you get 100 movies in your netflix queue?” there are only two (maybe three) movies in my queue that i have previously seen.


sheezus, jim, why don't you just put on a pair of handcuffs and take a cab to the nearest FBI office? i'm sure your public library checkout records were incriminating enough by themselves, but you're really asking for it now.

i mean, what kind of unPatriotic subversive works his way from "Das Boot" to "Traffik" to "Small Time Crooks?" (Gene Siskel is the only one i know of, and the Feds offed him with a healthy dose of cancer.)

and dude, i'm sorry, but you can't cover your tracks by listing innocent American feel good flicks like "Stripes" and "Kiss Me Kate." no one's gonna believe you actually watched that cinematic pap. i know i don't.

i never thought i'd have to say this to you my friend, but -- watch your back. ashcroft smears guys like you across his freedom rolls at Sunday night dinner.

» albert_b » august 2, 2003 7:29pm

and i didn't even like stripes.

listing my currently-checked-out library books is another possibility. it would be handy to start scraping that info so i could send automated reminders to myself to renew or return books before they start generating fines.

» jim (link) » august 2, 2003 7:40pm

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