august, 17, 2003 archives

art in touristland

i'm not sure why it is there, but there is a martin lawrence gallery (no connection to the comedian) in the middle of universal citywalk, the touristy mall adjacent to universal studios. so next to jodi moroni's sausage kingdom, you can go into the gallery and see some picasso etchings and some really beautiful serigraphs by liudmila kondakova.

narrative trickery

memento employs a narrative trick the likes of which pretty much guaranteed i would like the film, even if it weren't well-acted and filmed. but it is also both of those, so it is a very fine film indeed.

one casting choice that kept drawing me out of the movie was jorja fox as leonard's wife. every time i saw her, i thought “hey, it's that chick from csi (and er)!” i guess part of the problem there was that her role was basically limited to being in dialogue-free flashbacks.

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