free nokia 3650 with at&t wireless

just a little while ago, amazon's offer was a free nokia 3650 with t-mobile service. it's now a $50 nokia 3650 with t-mobile service, and there is also a free nokia 3650 with at&t wireless. but as i may have mentioned, at&t's "mmode" data plans are terrible in comparison to t-mobile's "t-zones" data plans.

at&t may have better international rates than t-mobile, but it is on top of a per-month fee for that service. it also depends on whether you're talking about calling from abroad or just making an international call, and what countries you are dealing with.

(i made $30 in amazon referrals from my last link to the t-mobile offer. i've made $0 from all of my book and other links. just something i found interesting.)


If you need to make local calls while abroad it's probably cheapest to just get a prepaid card where you go and use that.

I read on usenet that you can get unlimited gprs on t-mobile for $20/month now.

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» Ask Bj (link) » july 4, 2003 4:38pm

according to t-mobile's website, unlimited access is now $10/month.

but as i said earlier, i don't actually anticipate making lots of international calls. when i'm in the states, i'm more likely to use my landline and something like 10-10-987, and overseas i only really imagine it for emergencies. for that sort of usage, t-mobile's no-monthly-fee international service is a reasonable value.

» jim (link) » july 4, 2003 7:23pm

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