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free nokia 3650 with at&t wireless

just a little while ago, amazon's offer was a free nokia 3650 with t-mobile service. it's now a $50 nokia 3650 with t-mobile service, and there is also a free nokia 3650 with at&t wireless. but as i may have mentioned, at&t's "mmode" data plans are terrible in comparison to t-mobile's "t-zones" data plans.

at&t may have better international rates than t-mobile, but it is on top of a per-month fee for that service. it also depends on whether you're talking about calling from abroad or just making an international call, and what countries you are dealing with.

(i made $30 in amazon referrals from my last link to the t-mobile offer. i've made $0 from all of my book and other links. just something i found interesting.)

apt-pinning debian

apt-pinning is a process whereby you can tell debian to grab particular packages from particular distributions. it would be a whole lot more useful if nearly everything in unstable and testing didn't depend on the new glibc packages. at that point, you may as well just start tracking unstable or testing.

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