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finding blogs that move

john robb, who recently had a blog move locations, proposes a service that people can use that will make it easier for them to track such blog moves. it doesn't fit the criteria he lays out, but people who had his blog at its old location in their list of favorites at blo.gs now have it at the new location. (the merging of entries like this is automated-but-manually triggered.)

allowing people to have more control over their own listings is on the list of things i would do some day but will probably never get around to doing.

a priest, a rabbi, and a scientologist (and j.lo)

i went in to keeping the faith with pretty low expectations, but it turned out to be quite a bit better than i expected. even though it is a by-the-books love triangle with a few twists, the movie does not squander the excellent cast. (in addition to being one of the stars, this is edward norton's directorial debut—and not a bad job of it at all.)

the cell is a psychological thriller starring jennifer lopez, with the bad guy played by vincent d'onofrio. it was okay, but not all that exciting. some of the photography was really great, though. a director to keep an eye on....

i would recommend both movies, although not in the sense that you should rush to your nearest blockbuster right this minute and get them. just slap 'em in the ol' netflix queue.

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