the damage

(why all the links? i wanted to look them up to grab the album covers for itunes, anyway.)

nearly every time i buy music, i end up with a few albums that are plucked from the shelf largely on a whim. the lo fidelity allstars album was only $3, and i remember them showing up in various "other people bought..." lists when using amazon. the way out west album was a near-total shot in the dark (it has a digweed connection).

all of the albums were used or cut-outs. (some of them with the "the cd surface does not look perfect" tag, but amoeba music has a 7-day return policy for defective used discs. no problem with the two i've ripped so far.)

one album i wanted to pick up, but they didn't have used (or i overlooked), was pet sounds, by the beach boys. i guess i'll just have to force myself to go back to amoeba some day.

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