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riaa suing morpheus for ripping and not distributing

unless i'm misreading things, the riaa's latest suit against the makers of morpheus is basically for ripping music that they never distributed. can i expect them to sue me for the 300+ albums i have ripped? (note: i own copies of all of the albums.)

copyright needs to go back to being about publishing (distributing), not copying.

isync and the nokia 3650

apple's isync now supports the nokia 3650 along with a bunch of other devices. (looks like just the address book right now, not the calendar or todo items.)

i hate broken virus checkers

i would not notice the latest windows/outlook mail virus (w32/sobig.c@mm), except for the problem of all those people with fundamentally broken virus checking software that blindly replies to the reported sender. if you know it is a virus that spoofs the sender, don't bother the sender! (and better yet, do your virus checking in your smtp server before ever accepting the message for delivery by using an smtp dæmon like qpsmtpd.)

i'm still not spike lee

spike lee is suing viacom over the new name for its tnn cable channel. i just hope i'm not next.

on my cable network, the network formerly known as the nashville network still shares a channel with country music television.

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