june, 27, 2003 archives

no oscon, uuascla

i'm skipping the o'reilly open source conference this year, but i'll be giving a talk at the unix users association of southern california - los angeles on july 10 in el segundo.

"just say no" with russian dressing

the museum of anti-alcohol posters is great stuff. i'd buy prints of all of them. (although this and this would be nar the top of the list.) it's too bad there's no translations of the text. i find it interesting that the russian word for alcohol ("алкголь") is so close in pronunciation to the english word. (they probably both have the same origin in arabic.)

(link to the museum via jesse walker on reason's hit & run.)

xsltproc, docbook, chunked html output, and doctype

i spent some time earlier this weeking trying to get xsltproc convert docbook to customized chunked html using the docbook xsl stylesheets, but could not figure out how to get it to not output a <!DOCTYPE> with every page. (i'm generating pages that include php calls to generate the header and footer.)

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