new chair?

the herman miller mirra looks to be the successor to the aeron. from one online retailer, it's $520 for the basic model, $700 for a fully loaded model. i will likely spring for one of these (or maybe a used aeron) when i finally move. (more on that later.)

there doesn't appear to be any connection to dave mirra.

(via kottke's remaindered links.)


doesn't look much different than the aeron. i've had an aeron now for about 3-4 years and it's fantastic. all the chairs i've used at work since suck.

» arvind » june 15, 2003 1:38pm

well, it's cheaper than the aeron, for one thing. it's also one-size-fits-all. the construction is quite a bit different, if you look at more closely. the aeron relied more on fabric stretched across a frame, whereas the back of the mirra is molded polymer.

i'm not knocking aerons at all, of course. easily the best chair i've ever had, and the mirra looks to share many of its strengths.

» jim (link) » june 15, 2003 5:22pm


» mirra » june 17, 2003 11:09pm

Leap chair is better. Made by Steelcase. This chair is all about comfort and ergonmics.

» D (link) » june 21, 2003 10:16am

Stay away from H.M. Not nice people... Aeron is not an ergonomic chair.

» Ms. Sciatica » august 23, 2004 4:16pm

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