collaborative blog filtering

so i've coded up some simple collaborative filtering for there's two approaches: the first version is based on the number of people listing a blog as a favorite that have a favorite in common with you. the second version is based on the number of people listing a blog as a favorite for each favorite they have in common with you. it doesn't appear to make a huge difference in the blogs that get recommended (at least for what it recommends to me), but it does impact the order of recommendations.

one thing to add would be a way of marking a blogs as an un-favorite so it would stop recommending it. (and take that into account for future recommendations.)

anyway, it's just some ugly sql behind the scenes, not a real collaborative filtering engine.

yeah, i went and coded up a new silly feature for instead of doing something useful like fixing the problems introduced by the sheer volume of blogs now that the firehose is hooked up.


Either a "never show me this blog again" or just a "next 20" link: it didn't take me long to add the ones I really should have added long ago, and get down to a top 20 that I know about, and for one reason or another am not willing to call my favorites.

» Phil Ringnalda (link) » june 13, 2003 9:14pm

Hey! It works! Didn't think I would like the recommendations, but I do. Nice.

» Robert Brook (link) » june 24, 2003 2:28am

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