the metropolitan museum of art

on my (rainy) saturday in new york, i visited the met. while the antiquities are nice and all, i enjoyed the modern art and other painting-focused galleries much more.

i was really struck by salvador dali's the sistine madonna. now i just need to find a print or poster of it. (i had a hard time just finding an online reference to it. i could have sworn it was simply labeled madonna in the museum.)

the special thomas struth exhibition was also full of great photographs, whether it was the shots of people viewing art in other galleries or the amazing family portraits. i almost picked up the related book but decided it would be better to order it online than deal with lugging it back on the plane.

i also really loved some of the stained glass windows in the medieval art gallery. some of the colors in those windows are just amazing. i'll have to make it out to the cloisters on another trip to nyc.

you could easily spend days in the met. there are some areas i didn't even pass through, and others i only really went through on my way to other areas i knew i wanted to see and to which i didn't devote a lot of attention. it's a shame they don't have more of their collection online—there's more i'd like to talk about, but the artist's names have fled my memory.

(of course, now i've basically spent more time in museums in nyc than i have in los angeles. it's too easy to put off going to a local museum.)