may, 17, 2003 archives

recycling computers in oregon

here is an example of a computer recycling program in oregon.

cell out

so i'm thinking that getting a mobile phone would be a good idea. any suggestions? i'm a little conflicted over getting just a bare-bones phone and one with nifty features (bluetooth, camera, whatever), although i suspect a bare-bones phone would probably be the best bet for me. i'm sure the service level that will make the most sense is one level above for-911-only. the basic t-mobile national plan and the sony ericsson t68i seem like a safe bet. $20/month for 60 any-time minutes and 500 weekend minutes, $35 activation, and the phone is free.

2002 tax refund charity

i finally got around to making charitable donations based on my tax refund (itself caused by charitable donations—a very virtuous circle). harvey mudd college and the electronic frontier foundation were the beneficiaries.

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