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budapest uncut

here's a raw dump of my pictures from budapest. the first five are from the area around the hotel (near the east train station), and the rest are from the royal palace area. (i didn't take very many pictures. i work for a company full of shutterbugs.)

and no, the buildings don't lean that much. i generally have a “fix-it-in-post” shooting philosophy, although you're getting the benefit of unfixed photos here.

recycling computers and other electronic waste in los angeles

a while back, i wrote that i could not find a charity focused on computer recycling in los angeles. the city does have an e-waste program to handle the stuff. they have collection events every weekend, and a permanent facility in playa del rey.

this still isn't quite what i was trying to find. there are charities in other cities that take used computers, buff them up, and give them out.

route sixty-six

well, my skechers have lasted about nine months. i'm sorely tempted to just do an online shoe-ordering crap-shoot rather than deal with going to a shoe store. (not high on my list of favorite things to do.)

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