yeah, you've seen this already. unless you haven't. joey devilla's story about finding out the truth about his new girlfriend from a reader of his blog is amazing. that sort of thing can really mess you up.


although this entire story is extremely pathetic from both sides, these are the funniest excerpts (IMHO):

New Girl: I can show you proof. I've got pay stubs. I'll show you tomorrow. Me: Prove it to me now. Are you a Web programmer? New Girl: Yes! Me (very calmly): What's the difference between HTTP GET and POST? New Girl (taken aback):

» arvind » april 8, 2003 7:30am

Pathetic? Wow ... you're one incredibly insensitive asshole. Just remember ... it actually happenned.

» dude » april 10, 2003 12:41am

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