herniated disc between l4 and l5, says the physical therapist. (when talking to my doctor about the results of the mri, he didn't mention which disc it was.)

unfortunately, phpcon east will delay the start of physical therapy until next week. now, off to the airport!


what were you doing to cause this?

» arvind » april 22, 2003 9:50pm

i injured my back at work on the 17th of september i had xrays and an mri done to find the problem they found that i have a herniated disc inbetween my l4 and l5 well, i got the pictures of my mri on a disc here with me and im trying to see or at least find out what the hell im looking at. do you have any photos of your mri on this page, i see the number of pictures goes up to 95 but i would like to know which number it is that shows just the mri pics. i am going through a workers comp trial right now. my employers doctor is trying to get it released where i can have the epidural steroid proceedure done and if that dont work then surgery. i have been in pain with no help from any doctor for 3 months now, all because of this trial, no doctor will touch me till they get an ok from the insurance company. so from the date above it says aprill 22, 2003 have you had your proceedure done yet or are you still waiting to get help as well. i realy hope it doesnt take that long. it feels like its getting worse the longer i have to wait. at least now by being able to see my mri i am able to realize why it hurts so bad and feels like my tailbone is going to colaps everytime i sit down. i hope you got the help you needed in a timely manner, and if you have any mri shots of what your back looks like i would love to see them. thank you for taking the time to read this. talk to you later amber

» Amber Smith (link) » december 17, 2008 1:47pm

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