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sendmail and bind

when yet another security flaw in sendmail was revealed, i went through that momentary gloaty period where i'm happy i'm not responsible for any machines running sendmail. then the system updater kicked in on my desktop to download apple's mac os x update to fix the bundled sendmail. oh well, at least the machine is firewalled off and doesn't receive mail.

at the time, i made a joke about it now being bind's turn for a security flaw to turn up. oops, it happened sooner than i could have expected.

sendmail and bind : worm propogation :: microsoft outlook : virus propogation


here's a top-50 list of science fiction and fantasy books. i've read ten of them. the top arthur c. clarke book to make the list is childhood's end at #7.

mid-week movie madness

i'm on a netflix-queue-chewing roll. i finally watched rashomon. what can i say that hasn't already been said? kurosawa and mifune go together like peanut butter and chocolate, although i don't think this is their best pairing. i'm very partial to high and low.

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