screwing long-term customers

looking at my phone bill, i finally decided to ditch caller-id ($6 a month for a service that is basically useless), and find it very frustrating that i'm paying $15 per month more for dsl access than a new customer would. great way to reward loyalty.

(in contrast, i've been a member of netflix since june 2000, and am still getting my four-movies-out-at-once deal for the same price as the current three-movies-out-at-once deal. speaking of netflix, according to this new york times article, “you are what you queue”. it would be interesting to see a graph of the distribution of queue length for all netflix users.)


it's funny ... some phone companies now have this "feature" where they charge you for a "service fee" for ANY change you make to your service. wonder if this applies to you cancelling caller id. :)

» arvind » march 4, 2003 12:56pm

that should say:

where they charge you a "service fee"

instead of:

where they charge you for a "service fee"

» arvind » march 4, 2003 12:57pm

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