cut sugar intake to fight obesity

the who and the fao will be issuing a report that encourages people to limit sugar intake to no more than 10 percent of their diet. which isn't to say a low-carbs diet—the report suggests 55-75 percent of daily calorie intake should be carbohydrates. 10-15 percent protein, and 15-30 percent fat (with less than ten percent of that being saturated fats).

i'm not mentioning this to suggest anyone go out and start obsessively counting calories (i certainly don't), because it creates a counter-point to the bloggers shilling for dr pepper. apparently they're hyping sugary cow juice.


I would like to know the maximum amount of sugar ( in g)that I can take daily to fight obesity. I know it would be best to stay away from it, but I have a dannon yogurt light'n fit daily containg 10 g of sugar (fructose and aspartame). Is it too much to consume daily. Thanks in advance. Regine

» Regine » march 11, 2003 7:51am

Hi, I am trying to lose weight before my wedding. March 6, 2004. I have commited to working out 5 days a week for 2 hours per day. That's not enough! I am struggling trying to find a new diet. I would like to watch fat grams, sugars, carb's etc. But I don't know daily intakes, or a daily intake for someone trying to lose 30 pounds. I unfortunatly haven't lost any weight yet but I do have time 50 weeks I think. If you could please help me by telling me the daily intake allowence for fat grams, sugars, and carb's and all the other good stuff I would appreciate it.Thank's, Roxanne

» Roxanne Nelson (link) » march 19, 2003 5:07pm

I have lost a total of 50 pounds since the end of February 2003. I want to admit that I did try a fast diet called the cookie diet where I would eat one meal a day along with six cookies. I could give the cookie diet credit for 25 pounds. However, I do not recommend any fast routes to losing weight any more. Why, because its not safe for you internally or externally. I started using Leslie's Walk Away the Pounds video tapes and I recommend any one who is serious about losing weight and staying healthy to purchase them. It safe and its effective. If you are still exercising I say keep it up you will see results. You lose weight in spurts, which means one morning you will get up and see a difference on your scale. Also, you should keep a scale in your bedroom so that you can be mindful of your progress and your goal.

» Kim Albertie » october 1, 2003 10:38am

I'm doing an on-line diet that gives me a nutritional log. This is wonderful, but it has a reccomendation for everything but my sugar intake. For instants, Today my log tells me my sugar intake will be 129 grams. How many grams should I have a day? Especially considering I am hypoglycemic.

» Roxie » february 11, 2004 8:49am

I lost 30 pounds cutting out soda, candy, and other sugars from my diet. I went from 150 pounds to 120! A size 12 to a size 5! You don't have to starve yourself to be thin.

» sue » april 9, 2004 5:30am

How many grams of carbs should you have daily? Dr, says i need to cut back on them because my metabolism isnt working the same AT THIS AGE, all kinds of changes at THIS AGE.

» carlene » june 18, 2004 4:52am

Everyday, If you eat 10g of sugar more than your daily energy requirement, how many pounds will you gain in a year. How do you calculate that?

» Stacey » october 1, 2004 7:01pm

I have been doing some research as I would like to lose 20 pounds. My research tells me that by watching your sugar intake and exercise you can lose the wait. I already feel a lot better and I am only 2 1/2 weeks into. Here are my findings: Women need 25grams of Fibre a take a fibre pill if need be You should have no more than 10 teaspoons of sugar a day 10 teaspoons = 50 grams of sugar Sugar has many names so look closely.

» Nadine » june 13, 2006 11:37am

I am addicted to chocolate, I have no self-control and am scared that I am becoming a primary candidate for diabetes. What is the maximum amount of chocolate bars that I should have in a day/week?

» Tina » june 15, 2006 8:09pm

According to the USDA your daily intake should be only 6 teaspoons of sugar if you are inactive women or elderly, this is 30 grams. Even low fat foods can have high sugar content so watch out for the 100 calorie snacks packing 11 grams of sugar. Try to limit your intake of chocolate, you don't have to cut it out entirely, just remember that a snickers bar has 280 calories, the amount recommended for just your breakfast if you plan on loosing weight.

» Nichole » may 30, 2007 3:33pm

Obesity isn't just affective on teenagers and adults. When children have too much sugar, they can get hyper and during class they won't focus.Then they'll start talking to other people and they stop paying attention. Then the teacher will get angry and send him/her to the office and the children now are thinking they hate school,hate the teachers, and then they start to misbehave more and more.Research shows that a group of the worst students can improve with heathly foods for lunch.

» Yvonne » january 7, 2008 10:00pm

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