ping with blosxom

i added some code to and a note to the plugin_weblogs_com plugin page explaining how to use that to to ping

i can understand why it does it (reduce dependencies), but it is a little funny that the plugin calls out to lynx, curl, or wget to do the ping, instead of using LWP::Simple. (even better, the default is left empty, so the plugin simply does not work without going in to set it up, even though curl is bundled with mac os x by default, and mac os x is ostensibly the primary platform for blosxom.)

and, unfortunately, it certainly looks to me like the ping_weblogs_com plugin has a major flaw: it pings before touching its state file, which means that the ping will result in the service loading the page, which will decide that it needs to ping the service, which will result in the service loading the page, etc. note: need to defend the server against this.

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