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stupid safari

this should be a field of #bdcebb. for some reason, safari insists on displaying it as #b0c4af. camino doesn't do this. internet explorer doesn't do this. icab doesn't do this. omniweb doesn't do this. opera doesn't do this. the “Preview” application does this. obviously safari is applying some sort of color correction or gamma setting to png files that no other macintosh browser does. which would be okay, if it applied the same color correction to colors specified via css. but, naturally, it does not. it also appears to not do it for gif images, either. (if you're using safari, check out this page to see the difference. the background color is set via css, the block in the middle is the image that should be the same color as the background.)

vision of the future

a great quip from stefan jones about the prosthetic rat-hippocampus at boing boing's discussion:

So, it'll probably be a generation or two before newborns have their hippocampi replaced with DMCA-compliant substitutes that keep them from remembering copyrighted works without the proper purchase key.

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