organic, or maybe not

sometimes the loopholes in laws that get purchased are pretty blatant. like the one talked about in this msnbc article about repealing a loophole in the organic food labelling law. i'm sure that the $5,000 that fieldale farms has contributed to rep. nathan deal's 2004 campaign has nothing to do with how that amendment slipped in. or the $5,000 they contributed in the 2002 election cycle. deal really need the money for that 2002 race. after all, he ran unopposed. i guess that was cheaper than actually feeding organic feed to chickens in order to label the resulting eggs and meat as organic.


His thoughts about organic feed not being available is pure bunk. Organics aren't new...... Heck there are thousands of organic feed producers. It all comes down to padding the old pocketbook once again, doesn't it. Shame on Nathan Deal (good last name, huh?)

» Sharon » march 3, 2003 8:25am

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