three little movie reviews

lawrence of arabia was visually stunning, of course, and there was a great story to go along with it. i should no doubt see it in a theater (preferably something like the cineramadome) some day. then again, sitting through a four-hour movie is tough.

i wasn't nearly as excited by minority report as others seem to have been. i guess the vision of the future just wasn't as clever as i had been led to expect. i did love the eye-scanning greeter at the gap, though.

crazy/beautiful is a well-acted, serious teen movie set in los angeles. some of the most fun is the secondary characters, which were largely played by new actors and non-actors.

i'd say all three movies are worth seeing. but i wouldn't say any of them are must-see movies, with the exception of lawrence of arabia if you have the opportunity to see it on a big screen.

(there are 101 movies in my netflix queue. i will never catch up.)