three little movie reviews

lawrence of arabia was visually stunning, of course, and there was a great story to go along with it. i should no doubt see it in a theater (preferably something like the cineramadome) some day. then again, sitting through a four-hour movie is tough.

i wasn't nearly as excited by minority report as others seem to have been. i guess the vision of the future just wasn't as clever as i had been led to expect. i did love the eye-scanning greeter at the gap, though.

crazy/beautiful is a well-acted, serious teen movie set in los angeles. some of the most fun is the secondary characters, which were largely played by new actors and non-actors.

i'd say all three movies are worth seeing. but i wouldn't say any of them are must-see movies, with the exception of lawrence of arabia if you have the opportunity to see it on a big screen.

(there are 101 movies in my netflix queue. i will never catch up.)


Too funny -- I finished watching Lawrence of Arabia (alas, on DVD) not more than one hour ago.

» Christopher Elkins (link) » february 24, 2003 10:05pm

And I got Crazy/Beautiful from the library and watched it two nights ago. It was what I expected - entertaining.

» seliot (link) » february 24, 2003 11:28pm

Sitting through Lawrence isn't hard. And there's always the intermission for a break for a drink or a snack or a bathroom visit.

I saw it at the Egyptian some years ago and at Arclight earlier this year.

Really Good Experience on the big screen. Say the scene where we are looking out in the desert for Lawrence to come back. You almost want to stand up in your seat to have a better look when you start seeing the tiny tiny dot on the huge screen.

- ask

» Ask Bjoern Hansen (link) » february 25, 2003 2:46pm

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