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i seem to have an obstacle in upgrading my tivo. the pc i'm using to do all the hard drive chicanery doesn't handle hard drives bigger than 40GB (or whatever—it doesn't handle the 120GB drive i'm using for the upgrade unless i set the hard drive to pretend it is smaller, which sort of defeats the purpose). i was able to at least back up the existing drives, clone that to the new drive, and confirm that the tivo could boot from the new drive.

what a pain. i guess i'll have to reconstruct another computer out of the parts i have laying around to see if it handles bigger drives. i have a bunch of old hard drives i've been meaning to hook up and check for interesting data, anyway.

it was interesting to crack the case and find out i had a two-drive tivo. the perks of being an early adopter, i guess.


Have you checked the jumper settings? Often, the BIOS doesn't affect the Linux boot CD the same way, and you may be able to see larger drives. But the problem can be that the jumpers are set for less than 32 GB.

The Samsung drawing is especially bad that way - it shows the drives as upside down.

Michael at Weaknees TiVo Upgrade Kits

» http://www.weaknees.com (link) » march 4, 2003 6:57am

nope, the motherboard is udma-33 only. it won't even boot with the drive jumpered in the >32GB configuration.

and yes, that samsung drawing is really annoying.

» jim (link) » march 4, 2003 10:57am

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