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déjà vu

them: is this james winstead?

me: yes.

them: i'm calling from kay jewelers, and your account is overdue. you need to make a minimum payment of $25.

me: i don't have an account with kay jewelers.

them: is your addresses p.o. box 12345, burbank, ca?

me: no. but i recently got a call from another retailer about an overdue account at that address.

them: what are the last four digits of your social security number.

me: 1234.

them: okay, that doesn't match what we were given. thank you.

another los angeles blogging panel

this one (7pm tonight) is through the american cinema foundation, and is taking place at the american film institute. this one has moveable type and blogger users, but no radio userland or manila users. (no back problems to use as an excuse this time. i'm just not going because i'm lame.)

tivo upgrade

i seem to have an obstacle in upgrading my tivo. the pc i'm using to do all the hard drive chicanery doesn't handle hard drives bigger than 40GB (or whatever—it doesn't handle the 120GB drive i'm using for the upgrade unless i set the hard drive to pretend it is smaller, which sort of defeats the purpose). i was able to at least back up the existing drives, clone that to the new drive, and confirm that the tivo could boot from the new drive.

what a pain. i guess i'll have to reconstruct another computer out of the parts i have laying around to see if it handles bigger drives. i have a bunch of old hard drives i've been meaning to hook up and check for interesting data, anyway.

it was interesting to crack the case and find out i had a two-drive tivo. the perks of being an early adopter, i guess.

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