november, 23, 2003 archives


i’m still working on digging through boxes from my move, and in some cases re-packing boxes of stuff to give away. when going through my accumulated computer junk (486 motherboards, video cards, and 5¼" disk drives, oh my!) i found my registration info for {commo}, a very nice terminal application for dos. digging around a bit, i found the latest release (7.5: my registration was for 4.5), and news that the creator has passed on.

the performance by béla fleck and the flecktones was fantastic. i didn’t pick up their new album (i’ll wait until it hits the used racks), but i did lots of other damage:

the len album (we be who we be) is actually a used advance copy. apparently the album didn’t get released, and it is probably caught in some sort of post-dreamworks records limbo.

once again, there was no sign of the beach boys’ pet sounds in the used section. there was also a dearth of used led zeppelin albums.

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