what happened to the greens?

peter camejo got 213,087 votes in the recall election. he got 381,700 in last november’s general election.

did the greens not turn out to vote? did they try to throw their support to bustamante? do the greens normally benefit from an “anyone but the republicrats” crowd that instead went for the plethora of other candidates?

the other third-party candidates took an even greater dip in the recall vs. the last general election, and overall a smaller percentage of voters went for someone other than schwarzenegger, bustamante, or mcclintock than went for a third-party candidate in the general election.

the big loser in the election? todd richard “the bumhunter” lewis. 172 votes.


I think last November's vote was light on voter turnout and high on "throw-away" and "protest" votes (i.e. Camejo) because of the candidates involved. How could anyone get worked up over a decision between Gray Davis and Bill Simon?

Forget Arnold. Next time, I'm going to vote for write-in candidate Jim Winstead Jr.

» fritzkafka » october 9, 2003 11:09am

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