go vote! go vote!

how i voted:

  • yes on recall
  • arnold
  • no on both propositions


CLEAN AIR! that's arnold's entire agenda.

» arvind » october 11, 2003 11:49am

I'm looking forward to hearing your explanation (really, I do!) when we make it to have dinner next (sorry, I entirely dropped the ball on that).

- ask

» Ask Bjoern Hansen (link) » october 11, 2003 6:08pm

...though i was slightly pissed when i saw that my VLF skyrocketed (tripled) this year. what a goddamn disaster. however, i think arnie is going to be more like a jesse ventura type governor who does nothing (or does a lot of negative things with the help of his republican cohorts) and comes out of it all with a talk show or something stupid like that.

» arvind » october 12, 2003 10:41am

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