.net messenger service isn't particularly bot-friendly. for the other major services (icq, aim, yahoo!), you can just fire off a message, but the .net system requires that you “call” the intended recipient before sending the message. nuts to that.


It's annoying in lots of other ways, too. Plus someone's already running a weblogs.com-to-msn bot (or at least they were, when I was last willing to fire it up), so the messenger-lovers aren't completely out in the cold.

» Phil Ringnalda (link) » january 3, 2003 7:08pm

posted at 7:05, comment at 7:08. i've unleashed a monster.

» jim (link) » january 3, 2003 7:15pm

I was seriously tempted to start out with "First p0st!" (Would have been 7:06, but I spent two minutes trying to remember who did the MSN version - Simon Fell.)

Probably locking the comments for x times the entry word count would be a good thing to add to an anti-comment-spam filter, wouldn't it?

» Phil Ringnalda (link) » january 3, 2003 10:28pm

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