the xml-rpc interface to

ken coar finds the xml-rpc interface to distasteful. use the http post interface. and ignore the result. who cares if it fails? (and ping too!)

supporting the trackback api on is an interesting idea. on the todo list. (but i see a problem—trackback sends the blog name and the url for the entry, but not the url for the blog.)


so the vanilla tb api doesn't include some desirable fields. extend it! accept a 'blog_url' parameter. that's what i did to add revocability. if you build it (and it works and is worthwhile) they will come. hopefully.

» Rodent of Unusual Size (link) » january 30, 2003 3:36am

This is taking up 'way too much of my time.. Something occurred to me when I posted a comment on Jim Winstead's Web log: should the code that enters comments perform trackback checking and pinging just as it does for main articles? How about the trackback-recording code? Should trackback ...

» Ken's Blog from the Burrow (link) » january 30, 2003 7:06am

Hmm. When I first read tima's post, I sort of breezed over the "replace ping with TrackBack ping" part as a language holy war matter, but other than the blog URL issue, taking TB pings would let Movable Type users do per-category pings like Radio does.

I hate those.

» Phil Ringnalda (link) » january 30, 2003 7:54pm

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