the flower street lofts sound pretty cool. (not the sort of place that is really in the cards for me, but cool nonetheless.)


walk to 1000 places... all of them closed by 9PM.

I like the idea of the large industrial space being converted into loft living as well, but downtown LA is the most desolate place on the planet at night. aside from the staples center and a small handful of underground club spots, there is nothing to do in that area.

there should be a theme like the brewery, the old pabst blue ribbon complex that was turned into live-in artist studios (21 buildings- 23 acres) or the art studios along the waterfront in san francisco...

I guess showing you can afford to live there will be theme enough...

» fritzkafka (link) » january 14, 2003 4:33pm

indeed. i took it as a bad sign that the form for contacting them had a dropdown for how much you're looking to spend that had $200,000-$300,000 as the low-end option.

i guess i'd find “nothing to do” a bigger liability if i actually ever did anything.

what i'm most curious about right now is what areas the gold line opens up.

current song playing on kcrw music: “nobody walks in la”

» jim (link) » january 14, 2003 4:45pm

weird, that was playing on kcrw on my way in to work yesterday. it prompted me to download the KMFDM remix.

the gold line would have been cool when we worked on lake ave. as it is, you could hit wolf burger & the hat (which you can see in this conceptual sketch). I like the look of the chinatown stop.

the most significant stops are chinatown, south pas (mission and fillmore stations) and downtown pas (memorial park). ave 57 is still a pretty far walk from the soda pop stop.

» fritzkafka (link) » january 15, 2003 10:59am

the other cool thing i didn't realize is that they're planning to eventually extend the gold line all the way out to claremont. that's awesome.

it looks to me like galco's will be less than a mile from the ave 57 stop. that's not too bad, but a little far to be lugging cases of soda around.

» jim (link) » january 15, 2003 11:24am


» fritzkafka (link) » january 15, 2003 2:08pm

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