on a far too regular basis, my mouse stops working. if i simply unplug it from the keyboard and plug it back in, it comes back to life. and there are frequent hiccups where i think the mouse has died, but it has not. it's practically a greek tragedy.

another random thing: sometimes after i've typed stuff into a text box in safari (like the one i'm using now) and then let it sit for a few seconds (or the focus moves?), the text inside the box reflows for no apparent reason whatsoever. very odd. it's a very peripheral-vision sort of moment, where you're not really sure that anything has really happened. (after playing round a bit more, it appears that the text is getting reflowed when i mouse over the buttons to submit the form. very bizarre.


time to SWITCH back.:)

» arvind » january 13, 2003 9:09am

Focus behind the screen about three or four feet, then relax your eyes, feel your feet pressed against the ground, the air on your cheeks as it blows past and into your nose, taking its life giving oxygen down your throat and into every tissue, every cell, in your body. Then tell yourself, it does't matter if my text reflows. It's okay. It's part of the ever changing river of life. The ever changing river of life.

Because I swear I've tried everything to get my text to flow like that and all it does is stare right back at me all crisp and stiff and unmoving.

I envy you, man. I do.

» seliot (link) » january 13, 2003 2:23pm

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