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one thing that is funny about this article about how the rising stars of game development are going to come from central eastern european companies is that it completely ignores cost as a factor, and you can be sure that it is the dominant one. the “most developers are doing their first projects so have fresh ideas” line seems pretty bunk to me.

jerry michalski, techonology analyst and advisor to ev/pyra, spells out the law of convenience. spot on, elegantly expressed, and something i try to keep in mind when developing software and websites.

charity, august 2002

world wildlife foundation payday! charitable donations:

finding local charities has been tougher than i would have expected.

this story about scientists using a genetic algorithm to “breed” a radio is pretty cool. the big lesson: evolution cheats. (and can thus get itself into a fragile situation: turn off the nearby computer, and the circuit bred to oscillate doesn't oscillate any more.)

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