in case you didn't notice, i didn't do much blogging from oscon. i am still one of the wired masses, and my laptop has a pitiful battery life. i also didn't really attend all that many sessions (spending more time than i should have working on my own presentations, or meeting up with various people). the trackback at oscon page has links to all sorts of notes about the conference from everyone not as lame as me.

lawrence lessig's keynote was amazing. during the final session, tim o'reilly mentioned they were going to try releasing it on dvd. buy four—one for you, one for each of your senators, and one for your congresscritter.

speaking of trackback, mena and ben said they'd be releasing more documentation about the system, and a sample standalone perl implementation, so i'll probably end up supporting it around here eventually. dan gillmor blogged their session thoroughly.

doc searls gave a talk about infrastructure, and told the story of how he ended up meeting up with ben hammersley in london after he had started using his wireless node, and generally ruminated on cluetrain/longnow/burtonesque stuff.

and there were a bunch of other talks, none of which stick out in my mind particularly. i missed some that i wanted to go to (the tagmemics talk, and basically all of jeremy zawodny's talks), and some i would have gone to if i had heard about them beforehand (bruce sterling's talk).

next time i'll try to get my act together better so i'm not still working on my talk while at the conference, and work out a better laptop situation.

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