july, 14, 2002 archives

the slides for my tutorial are done, woohoo! well, okay, maybe not quite “done”—i've got a bunch of screenshots to collect, i'll need to tweak the layout of some slides to make them prettier, and i'm sure the content still needs some more polishing. tomorrow i'll work on making sure i've got the hands-on stuff i'll be doing choreographed, and write the little bits of code that need writing.

i also checked the amtrak schedules, and round-trip to san diego is only $54.

nine days. (twelve to my other session. i guess i should prepare something for that.)

it kills me that i haven't had any time to put into blo.gs lately. the list of features i want to add just keeps growing. hopefully i'll have time to get back to it after oscon. automatically collecting blogchalking info is just one recent addition to the todo list.

(and a semi-related topic: i wonder how hard it would be to upgrade a redhat machine to debian remotely. i think it could be done, fairly easily even, without anyone ever needing to touch the machine, but i can see some failure possibilities where some way of cycling the power would be necessary.)

i have to say that phprojekt is a very slick groupware app. i'm almost afraid to use it in my tutorial, since it is so trivial to get up and running. tutos looks pretty nice, too.

i think i've settled on going through the setup of phpshop, w-agora, and phprojekt in my tutorial, along with phpwiki as a bonus if time allows.

getting w-agora to use the phpshop user database turned out to be pretty easy. it looks like getting phpwiki to use phprojekt's should be similarly simple.

i still have a ton of screenshots to collect, and i need to figure out how to get phpmole-ide running.

eight days.

while you were out is tlc's desperate attempt to manufacture another trading spaces-style hit. it won't be. no amy wynn pastor. (seriously, though, the show is mildly entertaining, but the whole quiz-for-prizes thing is just way too forced, and the pacing is just all over the place.)

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