may, 9, 2002 archives

there's been some hand-wringing about the recent car chase in los angeles that got a lot of media coverage. i actually tuned into the last half hour or so, mainly because i had seen the whole mess go by on the hollywood freeway (mainly when the half-dozen helicopters flew by). i hadn't realized it was getting national attention.

good news for the game industry, i guess: electronic arts posts record annual sales. (hmm, e3 is coming up, so i guess we can expect lots of game industry news to hit in the next couple of weeks.)

a nice piece from salon about the use of email in corporate politicking. (here's an observation: you can surmise a lot about how a person reads by how they write.)

san diego tops a recent ranking of the best places to do business, according to forbes and the milken institute. san jose, at the top of the list last year, took a dive to #61. the rankings are based purely on “objective” economic factors, not taking into account things like weather, cultural attractions, or crime.

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