may, 6, 2002 archives

i'm on a roll with this whole sponsors thing. of course, the real benchmark of success will be when some person or company that i don't know sends me something. (and for the puritan at heart, be forewarned that you'll probably not want to click through to the current sponsor....)

sam ruby wonders if it is time to build a community of open-source weblog developers. there's already the weblog-devel list, which doesn't restrict itself to open-source developers. but truth be told, i don't know that weblog software is all that exciting to talk about. it's like the “hello world” of web applications.

simon st. laurent has been writing all sorts of interesting stuff about xml in his advogato diary. his latest on mixed content is no exception. that's still one of the sticking points for people who want their rss feed to contain html markup (including html entities) in the title and description elements. (and some people still don't get namespaces.)

mark mothersbaugh, originally of devo fame, and more recently of numerous soundtracks fame, admitted he has inserted subversive subliminal messages into his commercial work. like “sugar will rot your teeth” in a gummi savers commercial. (also reported by salon, which says “question authority” lies in the background of the soundtrack for the rugrats movie.)

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