rolling stone's "50 coolest albums of all time", all in one easy-to-digest list, instead of the one-album-at-a-time format on the official website. (i own four: 5, 27, 32, and 47.) they also have an uncoolest list (reproduced below). i've got three albums from that list: 14, 37, and 50. (one is the blue öyster cult's secret treaties, which is on both lists. i also used to own cinderella's long cold winter, but it got stolen from my dorm room many years ago.)

  1. the carpenters: live at the palladium
  2. andrew w.k.: i get wet
  3. biz markie: the biz never sleeps
  4. bread: the best of bread
  5. accept: balls to the wall
  6. freddie and the dreams: freddie and the dreamers
  7. neil diamond: velvet gloves and spit
  8. weezer: weezer
  9. the fifth dimension: up, up and away
  10. various artists: freedom rock
  11. burt bacharach: reach out
  12. shania twain: come on over
  13. venom: at war with satan
  14. meat loaf: bat out of hell
  15. the moog cookbook: ye old space band
  16. hanson: middle of nowhere
  17. john denver: a gentle evening with john denver
  18. perrey and kingsley: the in sound from way out
  19. supertramp: breakfast in america
  20. kris kross: totally krossed out
  21. rod stewart: blondes have more fun
  22. louvin brothers: satan is real
  23. the commodores: commodores
  24. george michael: listen without prejudice vol. 1
  25. klaatu: klaatu
  26. rick nelson: ricky
  27. the beach boys: love you
  28. haircut one hundred: pelican west
  29. johnny paycheck: she's all i got
  30. sparks: kimono my house
  31. the knack: get the knack
  32. vince guaraldi: greatest hits
  33. bay city rollers: greatest hits
  34. pet shop boys: actually
  35. johnny mathis: greatest hits
  36. the monkees: greatest hits
  37. tesla: five man acoustical jam
  38. the electric light orchestra: a new world record
  39. bob seger: night moves
  40. hank williams: as luke the drifter
  41. barenaked ladies: gordon
  42. joe meek: the amazing world of
  43. the honeys: collection
  44. america: history: america's greatest hits
  45. cinderella: long cold winter
  46. graham gouldman: the graham gouldman thing
  47. elvis presley: clambake
  48. the proclaimers: sunshine on leith
  49. the bee gees: bee gees 1st
  50. blue oyster cult: secret treaties

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