may, 31, 2002 archives

there was some oohing and aahing about blockbuster's plan to take on netflix the other day, but i have to say that i'm still quite happy with netflix. i don't see how blockbuster plans to counter the depth of the netflix catalog by relying on its stores, which are typically stocked high with the hits of the day and thin on the more interesting stuff.

today i got my first wrongly-packaged dvd. instead of groove, i got bubble boy. (that's okay, i had already reported groove lost in the mail. it had gotten delivered to a neighbor, and took extra time to find its way to me. so the replacement is already in the mail. and now i get to watch bubble boy!)

who would i be to not jump on the rss <link/> bandwagon? (note: mark's examples aren't valid xhtml. i'm shocked!)

in all fairness to mark and matt, mark nottingham started beating the <link/> drum last october. regardless of who got there first, mark pilgrim seems have hit the right chord to get the most people to actually do something. (but why title="XML"? seems awfully vague, as far as text that is supposed to be useful to a human being goes.)

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