may, 19, 2002 archives

the la times says: let's pass a city charter amendment preventing the city from spending city funds on a football stadium. great idea. i didn't realize the city did something similar for the 1984 olympic games.

here's a satirical rant on “why i love popups,” written as a response to “why i love spam” from but seriously, i love popups because i use mozilla, which almost completely neuters them. i don't see them, or even their remnants. it's even better than replaytv's 30-second jump, or banner-ad blocking.

this article from o'reilly about remote linux administration would have been more interesting if the author hadn't wimped out on using daemontools. i'd love to see a linux distribution that really used daemontools at its core instead of a mess of initialization scripts and pid files.

the whole arena of software to ease linux system administration and monitoring is either way more underdeveloped than i would have imagined, or there's some magic tool i haven't stumbled on yet. (i do know that cricket is one tool that i haven't really plumbed the depths of yet. sometimes it's hard to see how powerful a tool that graphs can be, since it takes a while to start accumulating the data that makes them interesting.)

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