may, 13, 2002 archives

i'm really tired of articles like this one about aol's plans for its set-top box with pvr features that refer to replaytv's 30-second skip as some sort of high-falutin' ad-skipping technology. it's a 30-second skip. want to defeat it? start showing 45 second ads. (don't get wrong, the recent statements by media executives about how people are obligated to watch advertising is laughable, but the 30-second skip isn't a huge step over the mute button. i'm also perfectly happy to see every single major broadcaster go out of business if they are too stupid to figure out a way to make money in a world when the “consumer” can skip bad commercials easily.)

i rearranged my office/bedroom, and now i've got my back against the wall so none of you jerks can sneak up on me.

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