ev says he'd like to learn how to draw. i can absolutely relate. i have always been in awe of people who can draw.

someone has recommended drawing on the right side of the brain to him, but the reviews at amazon.com seem a bit mixed. keys to drawing seems to have gotten more consistent reviews.

the subtitle of drawing on the right side of the brain is “a course in enhancing creativity and artistic confidence.” i think confidence is what it is really all about: there's so many things in life that people say they are “bad” at (singing, drawing, math, sports, writing), when it really is a matter of confidence. they think they are bad, and the prophecy fulfills itself. not that i don't think talent exists—i've met way too many talented people to believe otherwise. but i don't think a lack of natural inclination precludes anyone from being above average at any of these things. before practice makes you perfect, it makes you better, and more confident.

(i also think that simply chalking up an ability for something to talent undersells the amount of effort and learning that goes into it. it is hard work making it look easy.)

and one thing i ran across at amazon while looking at these books: so you'd like to... design and create your own personal tarot deck.

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